Chitrangada tries Madhuri's 'Sailaab' act

"When Farah Khan offered me the song I asked her what's the song all about? What was the concept? What kind of look will I have? She told me it will be similar to Madhuri's look in 'Sailaab'. She said we will try and get the same look like Madhuri," Chitrangada told reporters during a press conference.

"But that is Madhuri, you can't do a Madhuri, you can only try and do Madhuri, so we have tried to do something like that. We had fun doing that," she added. While "Hum ko aaj kal hai' from "Sailaab" was choreographed by Saroj Khan, this has been choreographed by Farah. Chitrangada didn't have much time to rehearse for the song.

"Hair style, clothes are somewhat similar to 'Sailaab'. I had a great time dancing. Unfortunately, I didn't get much time to rehearse. But whatever time I got, I used to keep rehearsing. We did as much as we could... it is beautifully choreographed by Farah and it is a very very good song," she said.

Talking about Sudhir Mishra's "Kaam" with Arjun Rampal, she said: "We finished shooting for 'Kaam'. It is a different love story and is set against the backdrop of sexual exploitation. The movie is set in an ad agency. It is about what happens when you are working together. There is a case of sexual harassment." 

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