Chris Pratt: I'm favoured by God

Jun 16, 2015, 09:50 IST | PTI

Los Angeles: 'Jurassic World' star Chris Pratt credits his successful career to God's blessings and his fate.

Chris Pratt
Chris Pratt 

The 35-year-old star, who is married to actress Anna Faris, with whom he has a two-year-old son, Jack, has attributed much of his career success to events that are outside of his control.

Asked whether his recent success feels like fate, Pratt said, "It does. It feels just like that. I believe that it is.

Things like that happen a lot. It feels like that happens a lot. I'm definitely very favoured by God and fate.

"But also I do a lot of stupid bits. I could pretty much do any movie and there's a chance I've done some crap bit pertaining to it at some point."

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