Baba Ramdev invites Christian ire over misuse of Holy Cross in Patanjali ad

Baba Ramdev has stoked a fresh controversy with Christians across India upset with the yoga guru over a Patanjali advertisement that presents the Holy Cross, a sacred symbol of Jesus, in a negative light

Yoga guru Baba RamdevYoga guru Baba Ramdev

Yoga guru Ramdev has stoked a fresh controversy, this time raising the heckles of the Christian community. Christians across India are upset with the self-styled baba over a Patanjali advertisement, which they claims hurts their religious sentiments.

The Christians claim the ad, which is being aired on TV channels, shows the Holy Cross, a sacred symbol of Christianity and Jesus, while depicting foreign products. According to them it is "objectionable and absolutely unawarranted."

Mumbai-based Indian Christian Voice (ICV) has written to President Pranab Mukherjee, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other departments seeking a ban on the commercial.

"It is shocking that cross, which is the symbol of Jesus, is shown in the advertisement", Jerry Paul, who is convener of the Sarva Isai Mahasabha, a Christian organisation, told Huffington Post India. The organisation has written to Ramdev, raising objections to the advertisement.

"They must oppose foreign companies and promote their own products but no one should use cross for the purpose and must not unnecessarily link Christianity with them," he said.

In an official statement, the organisation has asked Ramdev, Acharya Bal Kishan and other officials of the Patanjali Food Limited to stop hurting the sentiments of Christians. If the advertisement is not stopped, the community will launch a campaign against their products and boycott them, apart from taking legal action, said the statement.

"The advertisement first shows a cross appearing in one direction, then from two other angles and it makes a symbol depicting foreign company," Paul told the website.

"You can't even associate an earlier symbol of East India Company, which came for trade with Christians. Do whatever you like--promote your products or attack others-- but don't bring Christianity in between. Christianity has been in India for more than a thousand years and it was not brought here by imperialists or any foreign government, so creating such false impressions is wrong," Paul added.

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  • Padma14-Oct-2016

    There is not issue with the ad. These guys have no better things to create issues out of everthing.

  • Luke15-Oct-2016

    @Jeany: There is nothing wrong in the advt. Britishers used trade and evangelization as a means to subjugate India economically and culturally. That Christianity is a non native religion of India cannot be denied. Stupid Paul is lying when he says Christianity came to India over 1000 years ago. St. Thomas story is a myth perpetrated by sinner retards to harvest the souls.

  • Francis16-Oct-2016

    All minority communities should ban all Patanjali products. All these products are brought from outside and repacked to show it is Patanjali product.

  • Jeany14-Oct-2016

    AT LAST!!! The Christians have had the courage to come out and fight against injustice, and especially this self made BABA. In the name of religion this man is make money, what are the Christians waiting for? By now they should have already taken legal action against this man. Anyways I am really happy that for once the Peace Loving Christians are fighting against these fakes for the dignity of the Christian Religion. My advice to ramdev is learn to respect all religions.

  • melville lobo14-Oct-2016

    The fur ball nakli baba winks again trying to mock religious sentiments SHAME ON YOU.

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