Christina Aguilera's engagement ring has 'meaningful hidden gemstones'

Feb 19, 2014, 06:51 IST | ANI

Washington: Christina Aguilera, who got engaged to her longtime boyfriend Matt Rutler on Valentine's Day, has posted a photo of her enormous, elaborate engagement ring on Twitter.

Christina Aguilera
Christina Aguilera. Pic/Santa Banta 

A source said Rutler spent over a year designing the ring, carefully choosing each stone to represent different facets of his three-year relationship with Aguilera, People magazine reported.

The insider said that every single placement of each stone has a reason and meaning, for example: the actual band weaves and intertwines the diamonds.

Every connecting criss-cross symbolizes how their paths crossed and the ring narrows at the base (to) reflect how their bond continues to grow closer and stronger over time.

The source added that there are nine special multi-color gemstones that you cannot see. They all symbolize something meaningful to the couple.

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