So, soon after the shoot got wrapped up, he decided to quietly take some flowers away with him.

Chunky Pandey

What he didn’t know was that the security had counted the number of flowers before the shoot began! And post the shoot, when they promptly counted them again, they discovered that some flowers were missing.

When they started enquiring, Chunky initially pretended to be searching for the flowers, but when he realised there was no escape, he had no choice but sheepishly return them to the security folk.

Chunky in his defence says, “I like collecting souvenirs from all the places where I go for shoots. I had plucked two or three flowers because I didn’t know if I would ever get a chance to shoot in a poppy field again. I thought it would be nice to keep one with me or rather carry it back home as a souvenir, but then when the security started searching I returned it.”

Producer Rahul Mittra confirmed the story.