Ciel Indienne for Nirmal Ruia Gold Trophy

More than a contest between horses, Saturday's feature event, the Nirmal Ruia Gold Trophy, may turn out to be a contest between jockeys at the wire. The two main contenders for the top spot--Star Future & Ciel Indienne--are very closely matched with the former having a slight advantage in the horseflesh department. However, that slender advantage will most likely get nullified at the wire by the decisive edge that B Prakash as a jockey enjoys in current form over Suraj Narredu, and therefore, the Dallas Todywalla-trained Ciel Indienne gets my vote.

First race at 1.30 pm.
Race 1: Zaki 1, Catalyst 2, Beemer 3.
Race 2: Star Of Gibraltar 1, Ocean Princess 2.
Race 3: Illustrious 1, Ancient Wonder 2, Incognito 3.
Race 4: Beyond Stars 1, Vittoria 2, Lake Winnipeg 3.
Race 5: Ciel Indienne 1, Star Future 2, Misschevious Trot 3.
Race 6: Rosalind 1, Neath 2, Cypress Point 3.
Race 7: Arzaan 1, Numismatist 2, Sacred Relic 3.
Race 8: Visionist 1, Lake Geneva 2, Steely Dan 3.


Best bet: None
Good bet: Beyond Stars (4-8)
Chance bet: Star Of Gibraltar (2-4)
Upset: Taanush (7-5)

Today's pools
Super jackpot pool: 3,4,5,6,7,8
Jackpot pool: 4,5,6,7,8
Treble pool: I - 5,6,7; II - 6,7,8
Tanala pool: All races.

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