Clash of the north Indian Romeos

Arjun Kapoor may be making his debut in an adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, where he plays a character on the run and trapped in the badlands of north India. So is Prateik

With two Bollywood films adapting the well-known Shakespearean tragedy Romeo and Juliet, it appears that the Bard is the current flavour of the season. But the similarities between the films don't end there.

Not only are they doing films with a similar premise, both Arjun Kapoor 
and Prateik are also beefing themselves up for their respective roles

While one film is titled Issaq, the other is called a similar-sounding Ishaqzaade; both feature star sons -- Prateik in the former and Boney and Mona Kapoor's son Arjun in the latter; and both will be set in a North Indian town. What's more, both actors have been asked to look to Salman Khan to beef up for their respective roles. In Issaq, which is being directed by Manish Tiwari, Prateik plays a gunrunner, who is forced to go on the run.

Set in the North India town of Varanasi, Prateik calls his character "Varanasi ka Romeo". In the Habib Faizal-directed Ishaqzaade too, Arjun will be on the run. Faizal has directed Do Dooni Chaar and written the script of Band Baaja Baaraat, among other projects.

According to a source, it is not surprising that two films are adapting the play, since other Bollywood films have done the same thing. "However, what makes this clash between Issaq and Ishaqzaade interesting is that both are setting the adaptation in a crime-infested area of North India, where different factions are at war against each other," said the source.

Tiwari claims that Prateik has been working on his physique for the last three months and that his look will surprise everyone. He is, however, clueless about Faizal making a similar film. "I have no idea of what they're making. The titles of the two films may have a similar sound. But as long as their film doesn't have my script and cast, I am fine," said Prateik.

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