CLEAN-UP ACT: Mumbai cops nab 300 drug addicts, peddlers

Following orders from the new police commissioner, personnel from Mumbai police have started cleaning up the street corners by picking up drug addicts and peddlers. Cops said around 300 people were detained last week alone. Consequently, courts and jails have started filling up with druggies.

“Junkies and dope pushers give rise to street crimes, and we have already said that we have zero tolerance towards street crimes,” said Police Commissioner Rakesh Maria. “All the police stations have been asked to pick up drug addicts and suppliers. Around 86 people were rounded up by various police stations on Sunday,” said Maria.

“About 20 drug addicts were produced in the Killa court on Sunday. Most of them were granted judicial custody, as they did not have money to pay for bail,” said senior lawyer Naresh Rathod from Killa court.

Maria said, “We are going into the basics of policing to reduce crime in the city, as drug addicts are a major element in crime. I have asked all my men to increase police presence in the city.”

“Drug addicts carry out robberies, they get into chain snatchings, and also get violent at times and carry out murders. If they are brought under control the crime statistics will automatically reduce,” said a senior officer from the Mumbai police.

The Anti Narcotics Cell is working with all police stations to bring the crime rate under control and catching drug addicts. All of them are booked under Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act.

Maria has also transferred around 600 female constables from the Local Arms department to various police stations, so that more female cops are visible on the roads.

  • RAHUL25-Feb-2014

    Congrats to the cops- at last they are doing something useful - hope they catch many more druggies and keep them in jail - they should NOT be granted bail as that defeats the whole exercise if they are back on the streets. Also, Ballard Pier has many druggies in the early mornings and late evenings - they also should be rounded up.

  • LAILA25-Feb-2014

    Please also give a number where we can call and inform the police or the right department about the location of the junkies.

  • LAILA25-Feb-2014

    There are a few druggies near Rustom baug, Parsi Colony Byculla (next to Masina Hospital). A group of 4 guys sit there and smoke and inhale things. Can you'll pls take care of this. One more location is below JJ flyover. They inject things in their body. Pls see the matter.

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