Clive Rice to undergo brain surgery in India

Feb 27, 2015, 08:05 IST | Bipin Dani

Former South Africa captain Clive Rice is to undergo robotic surgery in India next week. The 66-year-old erstwhile all-rounder collapsed at his Johannesburg home as a result of a tumor in his brain.

Clive Rice
Clive Rice 

Speaking over telephone from South Africa yesterday, Rice said: "I shall be leaving for Bangalore on Saturday and will reach there on Sunday. The surgery, if required, will be performed next week."

"It is a cyber-knife surgery and it is best done in India and therefore I would not like to be treated here. It will be performed in a leading hospital in Bangalore. The cancerous tumor has appeared again, but I am a fighter and not losing sleep over it," he said.

Rice accompanied by his wife will head to Bangalore's Health Care Global Hospital on Sunday Dr PS Sridhar, the renowned neurosurgeon will examine him and suggest further course of treatment. Another neurosurgeon, Dr Satish Rudrappa has treated him in the past.

"I have asked him to bring the scans. New scans and MRI will be performed and then the date of operation will be decided," said Dr Sridhar from Bangalore.

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