'Coffee Bloom' - Movie Review

Mar 06, 2015, 08:33 IST | Shubha Shetty-Saha

'Coffee Bloom'

Cast: Arjun Mathur, Sugandha Garg, Mohan Kapoor;

Director: Manu Warrier;


'Coffee Bloom' is an excellent example of how some filmmakers end up making pretentious, self indulgent unwatchable movies in the name of independent cinema. These are the kind of films that get so taken by the whole idea of making a different film, that they forget to concentrate on little detailing or work on the characters or the script.

'Coffee Bloom' might have looked great as a four line story on a paper. Reminiscent of the great Devdas, it’s the story of a heart broken Dev Anand (Arjun Mathur), who was weaned away from his lady love Ankita (Garg) after a suicide pact goes wrong. Dev wants to turn into a sanyasi till his mother’s sudden death gets him to look at life from a different view. So it brings him back to Coorg to a coffee plantation, which incidentally belongs to Ankita’s boisterous husband (Kapoor). Yes, there is one more angle to this love story, a sex worker (Ishwari Bose), whose character, perhaps inspired by the legendary Chandramukhi, seemed not only utterly silly but also terribly useless.

Thanks to the uninspiring script, the ho-hum performances, dull cinematography (Coorg could have looked so much more beautiful) and lackluster dialogues, you want to grab a cup of coffee to slap yourself awake once you are done with the movie.

Also, it’s time that so called small film makers realise that in this time and age, they cannot afford to be  irresponsible about the kind of films that they put out in the name of independent films. Films don’t start glowing only by the virtue of being small budgeted or being called indie. 

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