Among the many stories that we grew up listening to, it was probably Lord Vishnu's tales that fascinated us the most. The preserver of the universe seemed nothing short of a superhero as he took on various avatars in times of lawlessness to vanquish the evil forces and reinstate goodness.

While his avatars as Ram and Krishna are widely known, his other incarnations as a turtle, fish or wild boar are relatively lesser known. To brush up your knowledge of Vaishnav mythology, head to the Museum Art Gallery where tax consultant and self-taught artist Bharat Tripathi is showcasing the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu.

We loved the paintings on the Matsya, Narasimha and Kalki avatar of Vishnu. But our favourite is the image of the Vaman (dwarf) avatar. Legend goes that the virtues of king Bali presented a threat to the demigods. They appealed to Lord Vishnu who appeared as a dwarf Brahmin and asked for three steps of land. Once Bali agreed, Vishnu took on his supernatural form and covered the earth and heavens in his first two steps. Bali offered his head for the third step. The legend is artistically depicted through three footprints.

Till: November 20
At: Museum Art Gallery, K Dubash Marg, Kala Ghoda, Fort.