Surely this experience is bound to emit a lion's roar from the audience.

For most Indians who are familiar with the findings and data about the Asiatic Lions of Gir in Gujarat, a talk on the Lions of Timbavati, by Chris McBride followed by a film screening on Lions of South Africa and Zambia, will provide much value and worth about the this regal animal and its behavioral patterns in the wild.
McBride will throw light on his field research based on his travels and studies on the lions of Timbavati and Savuti in South Africa and Botswana.

His research will come as a godsend for wildlife enthusiasts and serious watchers of the region's fauna. The author of two books: The White Lions of Timbavati and Liontide, the focus of his research has been an in-depth study about the behaviour of lions under the cover of darkness.

On Today, 6 pm
Where BNHS Hornbill House, Kala Ghoda, Fort.