Four individuals picked up a fight with housekeeping staff and jumped on tracks, bringing the services to a halt for 15 minutes

It was a rather rough day for the Delhi Metro officials as well as for the commuters in hurry as a ruckus broke out on Monday evening and the train services came to a halt on the busy Dwarka line for almost 15 minutes.
According to police, the incident took place at 6.20 pm at Rajendra Place metro station when four passengers picked up a fight with the Metro housekeeping staff, and then jumped on to the tracks, following which services were disrupted.

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Satish Jha, one of the passengers, horrified with the sudden tussle, said, "I was just about to board the train to Connaught Place when a few individuals from nowhere picked up a fight with the Metro staff and started beating them up. No one could ascertain the cause to the furor then. The train services were held up due to this scuffle for a couple of minutes. It has become a regular affair as unruly elements keep creating such nuisance every now and then."       

Poor staff members
"They jumped onto the tracks, after engaging in a fight with the house keeping staff and stopped a train which was going towards Dwarka. They refused to come off the tracks even after intervention by Metro staff," said a DMRC spokesperson. "Finally, the four were handed over to the police. The services resumed at 6.35 pm, but there was some delay towards Dwarka section due to bunching of trains," he further added.