Cong-NCP must part ways

Nov 07, 2012, 07:06 IST | MiD DAY Correspondent

The content on comedy shows that are currently on air appears to be stale and boring, if you compare it with the material that the Congress and NCP leaders are currently providing on news channels and print media. Ruefully, it’s providing entertainment for the masses who are worried over rising prices of essential things, especially needed for the festive season.

Every day, a new show with new dialogues occupies the space in media with the same leaders who blurt out some selective terms to describe respective party leaders. It’s the prerogative of Opposition leaders to describe the performance of Chief Minister and his government. But the onus is now with the NCP, which termed the CM as gutless.

Addressing a rally in Thane district, Home Minister R R Patil said most of the Congress leaders were in jail. The Congress retaliated by saying that the NCP was full of criminals. The slugfest is in full swing with Congress and NCP taking pot shots at each other over the government and its decisions.

Sadly, it’s the worst phase for the state that is tottering on the brink of collapse. The growth rate has dipped slumping it to number eight compared to other states. And it tops the list of highest debt. Hardly anything is being done to improve the current position of the state.

NCP chief and Union Minister Sharad Pawar and CM Pirthviraj Chavan have been meeting often these days. If they don’t discuss how to push the agenda of development in the state, then what exactly do they meet for?

If NCP and Congress have lost interest in delivering something good for the interest of the state, they must part ways instead of providing unwanted entertainment for the masses.

Certainly, a time has come for Congress and NCP to fight elections separately so that the aggressiveness they are showing in attacking each other could benefit the state with one of them sitting in the Opposition. 

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