Senior Congress leader Vinayak Nimhan and his five party workers were booked for sloganeering and protesting in a group yesterday. 

Mob fury: Congress workers led by senior party leader Vinayak 
Nimhan protest in front of the Collector's Office yesterday. 
Pic/Krunal Gosavi

According to the Bundgarden Police, Nimhan was leading a rally to the Collector's office protesting against the non-implementation of the Government at Your Doorstep programme where the tehsildar concerned failed to respond to around 10,000 applications made by citizens. 

The others booked were Sunny Nimhan, Manish Anand, Umesh Wagh, Ayaz Qazi and Kamlesh. The police have booked them under Section 37 of the Indian Penal Code. Nimhan said the slogans were directed towards the lax government machinery and not against any particular government official. 

"The supposed unparliamentary language was in the heat of the morcha and it cannot be with rosy and cajoling words. These officials are only concerned about pocketing money and not addressing the needs of thousands of irate citizens whose work is kept pending for months. I am not scared when booked in the process of fighting for the citizens' rights. The police are only doing their job," he said.