Congress to move court against 'injustice' in Uttarakhand, launch stir

Mar 29, 2016, 17:01 IST | PTI

Dehradun: A day after President's rule was imposed in Uttarakhand, Congress on Tuesday said it will approach all legal and constitutional forums against the 'injustice' done to Harish Rawat government.

"We will go to all legal and constitutional forums against the injustice done to a democratically elected government.

"As BJP knew it was bound to be defeated in the floor test just a day later, it hastened to impose President's rule in the state," state Congress president Kishore Upadhyay told PTI.

Describing the imposition of central rule in the state as a 'black day' in the history of Indian democracy, he said the timing of the move which came just a day before Harish Rawat government was to go for a floor test in the state Assembly makes the intention behind it suspect.

He claimed that the Narendra Modi government was 'baying for the blood of Harish Rawat' since the very outset. Apart from approaching the courts, Congress will also take the matter to the people to "expose the BJP-led government at the Centre which had dislodged a popular government which was doing a commendable job in the state", he said.

The PCC president said the party will take out peaceful processions all over the state starting this evening "against the murder of Parliamentary and democratic norms in Uttarakhand".

On a question as to what was the hurry for the President Pranab Mukherjee to impose Central rule when the Governor has already given time for the Floor Test, Singh said "I cannot pass judgments on Hon'ble President of India but when he is advised by the Council of Ministers, he usually follows what the Council of Ministers ask and if the Council of Ministers send the report to him twice, as far as I am aware, he has to pass it."

He justified the Uttarkhand Speaker's action in declaring the Appropriation bill passed in the Assembly by a voice vote reminding the BJP that it had secured confidence vote in the Devendra Fadnavis Ministry in Maharashtra by such a vote despite protests from opposition.

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