Conman poses as Anna's nephew, pockets Rs 33 lakh

We may have taken Anna Hazare into our hearts and homes, but Navin Kumar Hazare went a bit further. The 50 year-old was arrested for trying to con a woman by posing as the anti-corruption crusader's nephew.

Levinisia D'souza (42), who owns a Wadala-based financial consultancy company called Ajgalvi, registered an FIR against her employee Hazare, who has been managing the company finances.

D'souza found out that between October 2005 and March 2011, Hazare withdrew Rs 33 lakh by issuing 13 cheques. He also forged her signature on the stamp paper at the time of filing income tax returns. When she confronted him, Hazare reportedly threatened her saying that he was the nephew of Anna Hazare. 

The Antop Hill police have Hazare under sections 406, 463, 467,468 471,420 of Indian Penal Code.

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