Constables suspended for trying to extort bar girl

Two cops chased 27-year-old to extort her, girl led them into another police station's jurisdiction where they were pulled up for attempted extortion

In another instance of protectors-turn-predators, two constables from Kanakia police station in Mira Road were suspended yesterday after trying to extort money from a 27-year-old bargirl. Unfortunately for them, they engaged in the activity in the jurisdiction of another police station, an official from which knew the girl well, and the constables, identified as Dandekar and Rathod, had to pay for the alleged mischief in the form of suspension.

According to police sources, a bargirl (name withheld) who lives in Mira Road, was travelling in an auto rickshaw around 1.30 am in the wee hours of Sunday, when Rathod and Dandekar, saw her. Sizing her up for a bargirl, they began chasing her on their motorbike. They asked her to stop for no apparent reason, except to allegedly extract money from her. But the girl, sensing trouble, refused. She warned them saying she would complain to a police officer she knew in Kashimira police station but the constables disregarded her warning, and started abusing and harassing, refusing to back off from their demand for money, she alleged.

At this time, she dialled the number of the policeman she was well acquainted with. The official told her to trick the constables into entering the Kashimira police station compound as they followed her.

After a chase of about 15 minutes, the auto reached the area under the jurisdiction of Kashimira police -- with the constables in tow -- where the police officer caught hold of the two accused. After questioning them, he noted down their and the girl's statements, and reported the incident to his seniors. The senior officials verified the truth and eventually ordered the rustication.

Inspector Rajendra Mohite of Kashimira police station said, "The two constables have been suspended."

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