Construct Mumbai Metro underground, demands group

May 27, 2016, 10:14 IST | A correspondent

While the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) has been claiming that the Metro line II should be elevated, the group of NGOs and citizen groups which have come together and formed a group called as Apna Mumbai Abhiyaan. They want the planning authority to construct underground Metro projects against the elevated corridor plan

The group also feels that even though the elevated project costs less as compared to the underground Metro, the delay in completion of elevated project, including cost escalation factors, utility shiftings and other things result in more cost escalation.

In a presentation prepared by the group, it has highlighted some important points which includes Andheri-Bandra being one of the most congested land masses in the world. Another important question that has been raised is that 7000 sq mts of footpaths will be occupied by stairs, lifts and escalators, but do we have the pavements?

The presentation also states that 32 km of sewer lines, 12.5 km of water lines and 11 km of gas lines will have to be re-laid and construction of the elevated metro will lead to sound pollution.

“Elevated Metro will consume precious road space specially at the stations. The government must invest in underground Metro corridors as existing urban fabric should not be disturbed, and arterial roads should not be choked,” stated the presentation.

Scope for future expansion, underground scope for integration with buses, taxis etc, creation of additional urban space, total decongestion of city and minimal environmental impact were other points included in the presentation.

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