Convict suffers renal failure after donating kidney to mom

Known for rushing to rescue of those in distress, Aakash Belkhade now fights for his own life and grant of bail

A convict in a murder case who is serving a life term, Aakash Belkhade is known for his philanthropic streak, having saved many lives since he was let out on bail to donate a kidney to his mother. Now, the 26-year-old lifer is fighting for his own life after the one kidney he is left with has begun failing.

Saviour: Aakash was granted three months' bail in October 2010 for
the kidney donation. While out on bail, he prevented a jilted girl from
committing suicide and once rushed an accident victim to hospital. File pic

In the past, while out on bail, Belkhade prevented a jilted girl from committing suicide and once rushed an accident victim to hospital. According to a medical certificate issued on Tuesday by Dr Avinash Bhondwe of Pune, Belkhade's kidney is giving up on him.

Talking about Belkhade's condition, Bhondwe said the young man needed to be careful with his diet. "Belkhade is suffering from renal failure as a result of having donated his kidney. The kidney he has left is not working sufficiently well, but there is still hope for him. He will be required to monitor his diet, especially the input and output of liquids from his body," said Bhondwe.

Out on parole from Yerawada Central Jail in Pune since March 1, Belkhade is seeking bail again to look after his ailing mother as well as to get the medical attention he needs, which he says he cannot get in prison.
He now has to juggle his time between the Bombay High Court and hospitals to prove his health is too fragile for prison.

HC awaits report
On Wednesday, a bench of Justices A S Oka and Shrihari Davare ordered Belkhade to obtain another medical opinion from Sassoon General Hospital in Pune on Thursday. Belkhade then underwent a two-day session of medical tests at Sassoon. The hearing on these medical reports is expected today in the high court.

Case history

Belkhade was sentenced to life in prison after he was convicted of helping his friend kill a person they believed was dating the latter's sister. He was granted three months' bail in October 2010 for the kidney donation and, subsequently, the HC kept extending the bail. On June 17, 2011, the court declined a further extension. He was then released on parole, which ends on Saturday.

"After I donated a kidney to my mother Lata a year ago, I suffered severe health problems like bleeding while urinating, vomiting and weight loss," he said. "Jail food quality is very poor. Whenever I used to complain about my health and ask for a particular diet, the jail authorities refused it citing administrative problems."

Dr Dhananjay Raut of the Yerawada Central Jail denied the claim that sick prisoners were not given the diet they required. "Belkhade's health was okay when he was in prison," Raut said. "All patients with kidney-related diseases are provided bread and fruits according to requirement." Belkhade said his family had already gone through a lot. Flashing a copy of an FIR, he said a former friend, Farukh Shaikh, took advantage of his family's conditions like his mother's sickness and father's job-related tours to rape his wife. Shaikh was arrested and remanded in police custody.

Belkhade's mother said the court should consider the family's problems while hearing his bail petition. "The court should help us by at least extending his parole. I have to look after both his kids and his shattered wife even as I cope with my health problems. My husband has to go out on his job," Lata  said.

"We don't earn enough. My son used to run an STD booth; now I look after it, but I can't do it regularly. My grandchildren don't go to school as we don't have money for fees. Where should we go?" she questioned.

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