With an intention of conquering the ever-rising fuel prices that have shot up in the last few years and preserving the limited resources of fossil fuel, student-members of Lala Lajpat Rai's Rotaract Club recently organised 'Cook without fuel' at Walsingham House School at Napean Sea Road.

The purpose of the project was to spread awareness about the importance of fossil fuel, curb its wastage, and deriving maximum benefit by using minimum fuel.

During the two-day event (Nov 14-16), the participants were shortlisted after they cleared a quiz contest based on cooking-related materials and ingredients. Of the 97 contestants, 30 secured their berths for the next round.

Say cheese! Students, participants and winners of the 'Cook without
fuel' pose for the camera with Tarla Dalal (centre)

In round two, these contestants were asked to prepare unique dishes using puffed rice and leafy vegetables.
Based on their ingenuity, only 10 contestants made it to the third round. In the third round that was conducted on Nov 16, the selected 10 students competed against each other and were judged by renowned celebrity cook Tarla Dalal.

Students speak
Priyank Savla, a student of Lala's, said, "On day one, we aired a presentation on how to reduce usage of fossil fuel and asked students for their suggestions. Car pooling, cycling and walking, were few of the suggestions that we received."

According to Vridhi Jain, head girl of the Walshingham House and one of the competitors, "We will spread awareness among our fellow students and introduce such competitions in our school as well. For the project, I cooked chocoberry truffle and veg firangi chat (a kind of dahi wada) that my mother taught me for the competition."