Cop abducts man, forces him to part with property

Officer and his three brothers allegedly hired goons who kidnapped the complainant along with his son, took him to a desolate spot and forced him to sign sale deed transferring a 33-acre plot to the policeman's wife 
A police officer from the Sagari police station allegedly conspired with his wife and three brothers to hire goons, who abducted the complainant and forced him to sign a deed selling a 33-acre plot to them. While the accused officer, Sanjeevan Natha Kamble, is absconding, the Satara police are on his tail, keeping their eyes trained on his house in Sahapur, Satara. His brothers and wife have been nabbed.

Losing the plot: According to the statement lodged by the complainant, Kamble paid only part of the amount for the plot in 2003, after which he didn't revert, causing the sale deed to fail. Learning recently that the plot was being sold to another party, he abducted Bhosale and forced him to sign the deed

The complainant in the case is Jagannath Ramchandra Bhosale, a resident of Kudashi, in the Karad region of Satara. In his statement, Bhosale, the chairman of an educational trust, says that he had been approached by Kamble and his three brothers Vishnu, Sunil and Banda in 2003, as they wanted to buy his 33 acres of land.

"Kamble had paid Rs 24 lakh as an advance to Bhosale in 2003. After that, the sale deed failed, as he did not revert in the following three months within which he was to have paid the remaining amount of Rs 46 lakh.

Coming to know recently that Bhosale was selling the land to another client, he approached him and demanded that the land be sold only to him. When Bhosale refused to sign the sale deed papers, he and his son Yogesh were kidnapped, after which the victim was forced to sign the sale deed papers transferring the 33-acre plot to Maya Sanjeevan Kamble, his wife," said Senior Inspector Dayanand Dhome of the Satara city police station.

Kamble's wife Maya was also arrested along with his brothers, but Sanjeevan, who has been on sick leave since February 3, could not be traced.

"We are gathering evidence against Kamble, and only after that is done will we arrest him," said K M M Prasanna, superintendent of police in Satara.

The value of the land is around Rs 70 lakh, but Bhosale was paid only Rs 24 lakh for it. "The Kamble brothers hired goons who kidnapped Bhosale and his son on the eve of Republic Day. Taking him to an isolated spot, they forced Bhosale to sign the papers and then fled with both his mobile phones and his car," said an officer from the Satara city police station.

Not his first misdemeanour
Kamble had earlier been fined Rs 4 lakh, as a police Bolero was stolen from his custody. He had not locked the vehicle properly and had taken it to his residence without obtaining permission. The money was being deducted from his salary in 100 installments.

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