Cop accuses senior of corrupt practices

Claims his SHO forced him, other personnel, to maintain links with Satta racketeers, local illegal liquor mafia

Stuck between a rock and a hard place, Delhi police sub-inspector Gopi Chand had no choice but to come out in the open about his station house officer's corrupt practices. Deputed at Nand Nagri police station in north-east district, Chand, on 26 September, in an official diary entry, wrote that "his station house officer (SHO) Narendra Singh Rana was forcing him to indulge in corrupt activities in the area".

In a mess: The cold war between the SHO and the sub-inspector had
been going on for a while when the latter finally decided to take action.

The cold war between the SHO and the sub-inspector had been brewing for the last few months. Chand, however, decided to act officially against Rana after the latter allegedly misbehaved with him. Reportedly, on 26 September, Rana scolded Chand in front of other cops and asked him to leave the station. He also informed Chand that he has been posted to police lines, as a "punishment".

"On the same day, the SHO made a diary entry against Chand, claiming he misbehaved with him and did not obey his orders. He also mentioned that after verbally consulting the district deputy commissioner of police, Sanjay Kumar Jain, Chand has been transferred to district lines," sources said.

Furious, Chand then made his own entry against the SHO on the same day, in which he too alleged that Rana misbehaved with him and other staff members. He claimed the SHO also forced him and other staff members to indulge in corrupt practices and keep liaisons with Satta racketeers and illegal liquor mafia in the area. Chand further claimed that Rana often forced other personnel to release accused in a few cases and then falsely implicate innocent people. Senior Delhi police officers remained tight-lipped on the issue and refused to comment, citing administrative reasons. DCP SK Jain, however, said it was a minor argument that took turn for the worse.

Gopi Chand may be correct, after all
There is a probe going on against SHO Narendra Singh Rana at the Karkardooma Court in connection with falsely implicating a person.



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