Coping with the dress stress

These stars might look like they're super comfortable in their itsy-bitsies or those skin-tight dresses, but don't forget that they're actors. Frieda Pinto almost choked in a super tight dress while shooting for a Hollywood film. Here are some other actors who've had a hard time in their clothes:

>> Katrina Kaif recently suffered a big oops moment on the sets of her upcoming film in Dublin. Her mini outfit was obviously not the most practical for a shot which involved a bike ride. As Kat stumbled off the bike, her dashing ex beau and co-star Salman Khan reached out in the nick of time before the shot could get even more disastrous!

>> Mugdha Godse's one piece bikini rode up too much to show a fair part of her ass in the film Help.

>> Ashish Choudhary, who was made to dress like a woman in his film Double Dhamaal, said that he couldn't handle his clothes after a point. He felt very suffocated in them.

>> TV legend Joan Collins was taken to the hospital during the post-Oscars Vanity Fair party after her figure-hugging dress left her feeling faint. The Dynasty star attended the magazine's bash at Hollywood's Sunset Tower Hotel in a tight-fitting lilac gown, but after mixing with A-listers for several hours, she began to feel dizzy. She blamed her corseted dress for the fuss.

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