Two weeks after a wad of currency notes worth Rs 5 lakh meant to be loaded in ATMs went missing mysteriously from a cash-ferrying van of a private bank, the police are still 'struggling' to piece together the evidence.

As the now the police are busy questioning the usual suspects a group of security guards who were assigned to load the money into the ATMs.

Samson Mondal, senior executive of SS Management Service that works of HDFC bank, filed a complaint with the Ramamurthy Nagar police station seeking help to solve the case on November 1.

Asked why they filed the complaint so late when the incident had happened on October 24, he said that they initially tried to solve the issue internally. But when the internal inquiry into the matter failed to yield any result, they had no option but to approach the police.

According to Mondal, they are entrusted with the job of withdrawing cash from the private bank's main branch and deposit it across 35 ATMs in the city daily. Usually, the cash will be divided among several teams who have been assigned on different routes to cover the ATM machines across the city.

On October 24, security guards identified as Basavaraj Reddy and Somegowda along with gunman Chittiyappa and driver Babu Raj left on their assigned route after withdrawing hard cash of Rs 1.87 crore from the currency chest of the bank.

After depositing cash in some of the ATMs on their route from RT Nagar to Yelahanka, when the group reached Puttenahalli ATM it found a wad of currency notes of 500 denomination missing from the cash trunk.

The SR Nagar police have registered a complaint. We are investigating the case and hope to crack it soon," said an officer investigation the case.