Cops need three minutes to address emergency in Thane

Nov 06, 2011, 02:07 IST | Akela

Emergency Control Room deploys seven new helplines to decrease waiting time; GPS devices will quicken response

In Hindi films, the police is best known for arriving at the crime scene only at the end, but the Thane police want to ensure that this doesn't happen in reality. Thane Commissioner of Police KP Raghuvanshi and Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime) Milind Bharambe have developed a system that makes sure all emergency calls are addressed by the control room in under three minutes.

The new technology increases the number of lines that respond to the 100 and 103 helplines, and will thereby reduce the waiting time on an emergency call. "The new system will help the police provide better security to citizens in less time," said Raghuvanshi.

In addition, beat marshals have been given GPS devices by which the control room can track their movements. When an emergency call is placed, the control room canĀ  track and direct the beat marshal closest to the vicinity.

"We receive more than eight phone calls a day of women being subjected to domestic violence on the 103 helpline," said Vijay Barve, assistant commissioner of Police.

Moreover, the Kharkar Ali-based control room has been fitted with 12 televisions sets that let police keep track of national and local news. Four sets are also used for entertainment, admit the policemen stationed at the recently revamped control room.

The control room has also been fitted with a telephone exchange and Internet connection.

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