Cops watch on as builder thrashes man, drives off

A 42-year-old Dahisar resident who claimed that cops had watched passively even as he came under attack from a well-connected builder finally got relief when the Bombay High Court stayed the filing of a chargesheet based on a false case lodged against him by his tormentors. The court’s decision was helped by the fact that the petitioner Ranjit Bijoor’s 15-year-old son had videotaped the shocking instance of police apathy on his phone.

Darsh, Ranjit Bijoor
Mute spectators: Darsh, Ranjit Bijoor’s teenage son, videotaped the scuffle, in which cops looked on without bothering to intervene 

The division bench of justices AS Oka and SS Shinde has ordered officers of MHB Colony police station to file a detailed reply dealing with the contents of the video and Bijoor’s petition.

Bijoor (42) and his wife Poonam (35) run a computer education institute in Dahisar. Poonam is also the director of a pre-school the couple run. Their son, Darsh, is a student. On May 26 at about 9 pm, they were involved in a scuffle with builder Suryakant Sharma, with whom the family has been involved in a long-standing property dispute.

As the builder and his goons thrashed Ranjit and broke his shoulder, he approached the cops at the Kandarpada beat chowky next door. To his shock, he was turned away, even as the goon continued to taunt him. The ordeal was captured on camera by Darsh, which clearly shows police looking on passively as the drama unfolds. The clip was taken on record by the court on Thursday.

Last year, the High Court had ordered the arrest of Sharma and his associates, who purportedly boast of great political clout on charges of house-tresspass, theft and criminal intimidation. They were later released on bail. At the time, the court had acted on a petition filed by Ranjit after being shown CCTV footage of Sharma and his associates invading the Bijoor family’s premises.

Conflicting versions
According to Sharma’s complaint against the Bijoors, the latter had gone to the disputed property, Brindavan Bungalow, and abused and threatened the watchman. The guard, Mangesh Desai, rang Sharma up to complain. Sharma happened to be passing by in his car and stopped the car outside the bungalow. The Bijoors then allegedly began taking photos of Sharma. Sharma got out and headed to the Kandarpada beat chowky to inform the police that his pictures were being taken. The two got into an argument, and Ranjit allegedly hit Sharma on his left thumb with an iron pan.

As per the Bijoors’ FIR against Sharma, they had gone to the bungalow after Sharma’s men cut off the water supply at about 1.30 pm. They wanted to give the security a supply of water. When they saw Sharma waiting for them, blocking the main gate, they tried entering from another gate.

Sharma, in the presence of two policemen, allegedly attacked Ranjit and broke his right shoulder, and a scuffle followed. The latter part of the scuffle was recorded by Darsh, and clearly shows Sharma verbally abusing and threatening the trio. At one point, Sharma even lunges for the camera held by the boy. All the while, the cops look on as frightened, near-mute spectators, half-heartedly telling the group to go to the police station and lodge a complaint. '

At one point, Poonam asks the officer for his name, but he refuses to give it, pointing out that they’re recording everything anyway.

On Thursday, the court took a serious note of the matter, and ordered the MHB police to file a detailed affidavit dealing with all the allegations made out in the family’s petition.

Excerpts from the video
Ranjit: Marta hai na…
Poonam: Sabke saamne mara hai mere husband ko… police ke samne mar raha hai mere husband ko aur tum kuchh nahin kar rahe ho?
Sharma: Tumhara baap ka raj hai kya bhenc***?
Poonam: Dekho na kaise kar raha hai!
Police: Tum ja ke complain karo… Tumhara matter kya hai?
Poonam [to cop]: Tum legal khada hai na? Tum legal khada hai?
Sharma: Mai isko le ke aya.. mai! Mai le ke aya police ko!
Poonam [to cop]: Tera naam kya hai?
Police: Mera naam le ke kya karogi?
Poonam [to Sharma]: Aapne darwaza khol ke mara kyu?
Sharma [to Ranjit]: Mai tera baap hoon gandu… tu kaun hain gandu voh jaga maine khareede tere baap se… shaana mat ban tu
Ranjit: Achha?
Sharma [to Poonam]: Mereko dhamki kia tu? Kya karegi tu? Maa ka
Poonam: Complain karungi main!
Sharma: Toh ja ke complain kar, chal!
Police: Aap dono jaa ke police station mein complaint karo, raste mein jhagda karne ka fayda hai kya?
Sharma [to Poonam]: Tereko aisa marunga na, dhyaan rakhna mere baat ko tu
Sharma [trying to grab camera from Ranjit’s son]: Ye photo camera… (inaudible)
Poonam to Sharma [Shrieking]: Mere bachhe ko haat mat laga tu! Oye! Recording chalu thev tu! Recording chalu thev! [Sharma gets in the car and drives off]
Poonam: Call 100…

[At chowky]
Tumchya samor marlay mala
Police: Tumhi shooting beeting kadhat sodla… Majhi shooting kadhu naka tumhi! Tumhala marla tar olice station la jaun complaint kara.
Ranjit: Tikdech challoy mi…
Poonam: Tumcha naav tar sanga?
Police: Maza naav kashala pahije? Tumhi shooting kadhlay na te?
Poonam: Mala dyayla lagel na tikde?
Police: Maza naav kai gheun karnar? Majhya viruddha complaint karnar ahet ka?
Poonam: Ka? Tumhi hota na present?
Police: Kai asel te jawa police station madhe jawa
Poonam:Tumhi asa ka kartay, tumcha naav fakta sanga…
Police: Aho tumhi police station la jawa na… mi yeto police station la
Ranjit: Tumhi amcha protection tar kara!
Police: Tumcha matter kai zala tey mala mhait nahin… purvi pasun tumhi shootingach karat alat, to ata pan shooting kartoy… 

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