Corporator N Pillapa of Garudachar Palya in Mahadevapura is facing the heat after a resident filed a case claiming that he had demanded Rs 30,000 to allow him to continue constructing a house in the area.

The complainant, V Venkatachala, identified five goons, he claimed, were sent by the corporator to extract money from him and alleges that the men damaged the construction after he refused to give in to their demand.

"I away from the construction site on some work when these five goons damaged the construction. We were told to pay hafta to the corporator by one of the goons a few days ago, but we refused." said Venkatachala.

However, the corporator said, "The government had gifted the 15-acre plot to the poor people in our area, but a few persons have taken three plots under different names.
To stop this, I had sent my men to the area to ascertain whether they have received only one piece of land."