Corrupt RTO official let off with just a warning

Almost a week after mid-day exposed an assistant regional transport inspector taking ‘extra’ money to issue permanent driving licences, it has been learnt that Pune RTO is yet to initiate action against the accused.

Sources claimed that the official was let off after a mere verbal warning, and even now, applicants seeking two-wheeler licences are seen taking tests at the Phulenagar RTO without helmets.

On June 3, it was observed that hundreds of applicants had come to take tests to secure their two-wheeler licences, but without helmets. Assistant Regional Transport Inspector Sheetal Gosavi was in charge of conducting the test. It was learnt that applicants who lacked helmets were asked to give ‘extra’ R75 if they wanted to qualify for the test.

Deputy RTO Anil Valiv said, “Things can’t change overnight. We are trying to stop the illegal practice. A warning has been given to all the officials from Phulenagar RTO. If we receive more complaints, a memo will be issued against the errant officer.”

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