Couple dupes neighbours of Rs 20 L, goes missing fearing backlash

A couple residing in posh Shailesh Society at Kothrud, has gone missing after being accused of duping their neighbours of around Rs 20 lakh. Adwait and Neelam Datar, self-proclaimed investment bankers, did the vanishing act a day after few of their clients registered complaints with the local police station. 

Abandoned: The bungalow where Adwait and Neelam Datar stayed has 
been put under lock and key by the accused's parents. Pic/Krunal Gosavi

As the news spread in the locality many of their neighbours realised that they too have been duped by the couple, who coaxed them to make investments promising hefty returns, in the similar fashion. The clients realised that they had fallen prey to the Datars when their pre-dated checks started bouncing. 

So far a real estate consultant, a retired employee from Indian post services and a businessman have registered complaints against the couple so far. According to sources, the Datars had around 300 clients. So the list of their victims is set to grow longer.

Ambrish Rao, a real estate consultant who invested Rs 5 lakh last year, said he had received six cheques (of Rs 10,000 each) from as monthly interest for his investment the accused. Five cheques were successfully encashed, the sixth one was dishonoured, making Roa smell a rat. 

He said, "This is not the first time I invested money with them. I had invested earlier but had got timely returns. This time I invested in my wife and mother's name. I will be lodging complaints against them for having duped us." 

Raju Kulkarni, a local politician whose sister and cousin have also been duped, said, "We did not suspect any foul play till all the cheques started bouncing. Adwait used to guide investors for investments in share market. I suspect around March this year the couple incurred losses and to repay this they allegedly took private loan and somewhere lost the equilibrium of their business." 

The estimated number of clients who have invested with the couple

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