Cowan says Aus might risk defeat in pursuit of 'unlikely' victory

A draw appears to be the most likely result in Trinidad after two sessions of play were lost on Wednesday due to rain, but Cowan said Australia could set a fourth-innings target of as low as 230 from 70 overs in order to win the Test.

With more unsettled weather forecast for Thursday, it appears doubtful the designated 98 overs will be bowled.

Australia required 104 overs to bowl out the hosts during the first innings, but a trademark Windies collapse could leave them susceptible to a series defeat.

“But we''ll still push if we get a full day''s play, I don''t think there''s any doubt about that. We''ll open up the game at some point, probably willing to lose it for the chance to win it. It will depend on whether they''re willing to risk the game, I guess,” The Sydney Morning Herald quoted Cowan, as saying.

“I have a number in my head. I don''t know if it''s the same, I''m not the captain. I haven''t spoken to Mickey or Michael but on that wicket we''ve seen scoring rates at a little over two for the game so 230, 240 even off 65, 70 overs, that''s long enough for us to bowl them out if they''re willing to have a go, we''ll see,” he added. 

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