Cows connected to web to boost milk

London: Scottish dairy farmers are connecting their cows to the internet to help increase the amount of milk they produce.

A new project allows the farmers to track the health of their herd and identify potential health problems early.

Caught in the web: Internet-linked collars on the cows track the animal’s health

Silent Herdsman, which developed the scheme, has been awarded millions of pounds to help develop the project.

The Scots-based firm now plans to roll it out to dairy farms across the globe. The system operates by placing special electronic collars on to the cattle. The collars contain a wireless sensor which transmits data about the animal’s health and the amount of milk they are producing back to a central computer or device. The data allows farmers to ensure their herd is as healthy as possible in order to maximise the amount of milk being produced. It also helps identify any sick animals as early as possible.

Silent Herdsman chief executive Annette McDougall said: “Farmers can ultimately produce more milk to boost operational efficiency on the farm.”

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