Kolkata: Going hammer and tongs at the ruling Trinamool Congress for turning West Bengal into a 'hell', the CPI-M on Sunday called for uprooting the 'scam government' of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.

Addressing a massive rally at the Brigade Parade Grounds here, Communist Party of India-Marxist general secretary Prakash Karat also attacked the Trinamool for affording the BJP a foothold in the state.

"This is not a Trinamool Congress government rather a scam Congress government. From Saradha to Rose Valley, this government has indulged only in looting and plundering. In the entire country, this government is known only for scams," Karat said, referring to the multi-crore-rupee chit fund scams in which many Trinamool leaders are being investigated by the CBI.

Claiming that Bengal has badly regressed under the Trinamool, Karat also blamed the party for the BJP's rise in the state.

"During the 34 years of Left rule, there was no place for the RSS, the BJP or other Hindutva forces. They were marginalised. After Mamata came to power, the BJP has been trying to find ground under its feet.

"The Mamata government's opportunistic and communal politics has given an opportunity to the BJP to make inroads into this state," Karat said.

Taking the attack further, CPI-M politburo member Sitaram Yechury poked fun at the Trinamool leaders including state Transport Minister Madan Mitra - now in custody - for their alleged complicity in the scam.

"Their members (read Trinamool's Kunal Ghosh) can't attend parliament because they are in jail. Another member has resigned (read Srinjay Bose who quit the party after he was bailed out in a Saradha scam case). Even their minister is also in jail. The only thing they know is to indulge in scams and plunder people's money. You have now seen the change they have brought - it's only how to loot," said Yechury.

Party stalwart and former chief minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee called the Trinamool government "uncivilised" and likened the state under Banerjee to be "hell-like".

"This hellish condition cannot go on. How long can an uncivilised and dishonest government continue," asked Bhattacharjee who presided over the rally.

"On one hand, our fight is against this anti-social government and on the other, the call is to save India from the grave danger of communalism. The Narendra Modi government riding on corporate and communalists powers wants to destroy and fragmentise India," Bhattacharjee added.

CPI-M state secretary Biman Bose urged party workers to raise their voice against the problems and atrocities faced by the people in various districts.

"At the same time, in some areas you have to build up resistance. We will take care of everything."

Other leaders including Lok Sabha member Mohammad Salim and state Leader of Opposition Surjya Kanta Mishra too lashed out at the government over issues like unemployment, lack of industrialisation, flight of capital and the rising crime chart.