CPS controversy: Letter by Tawde's department says education ministry can intervene

Even as Vinod Tawde, the minister of medical education, is shying away from taking action against the non-governmental organisation, the College of Physicians and Surgeons (CPS), accused of malpractices and financial scams, a letter, by Tawde’s department mentions that the ministry has the right to abolish the body or give recognitions to it. The Indian Medical Association as well as Maharashtra Association of Resident Doctors (MARD) has locked horns with CPS over the alleged involvement of the body in huge financial scams.

CPS, the body formed under Charity Commissioner of Maharashtra, has been churning out around 1000 doctors every year through the private and medical hospitals throughout the state, recognised by CPS. In February second week, MARD had opened the debates about the alleged malpractices done by the course and also contacted Tawde for the same requesting his intervention.

Responding to the query, Tawde had informed MARD officials about CPS not being under the jurisdiction of the state government and therefore it’s not possible for them to take any action against them. “He had said that the course is MCI recognised, which is the reason behind his inability to intervene,” said Sagar Mundada, president of Central MARD. However, MCI, a statutory body regulating medical colleges, affiliation, new colleges, and doctors’ registration on their website, have already mentioned that they haven’t recognised any of the CPS courses.

At the same time, Mundada has already produced a letter, from state medical education ministry that shows how CPS is under the ambit of the ministry, which has the right to take action against them. “The letter clearly states that the decision regarding de-recognising or taking decision regarding CPS lies with state government. But still, the government and medical education ministry is not accepting it and saying it's not under our purview,” said Mundada.

CPS is an independent body formed under charity commissioner to fill the gap of doctors in the state. The body has affiliations with various hospitals and medical colleges, who provide the course through their hospital. However, MARD has accused that a huge sum has to be coughed up by the students and the course is being run without any supervision of the ministry.



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