'CR train derailment: Treatment in golden hour would have saved victim: Friends

Delay in providing timely medical assistance by the authorities has once again come to the fore in the train derailment that took place in Titwala yesterday. Dhaval Lodaya (18), the only deceased in the mishap, lay on the tracks for an hour before his friends who were travelling with him rushed him to the hospital.

Dhaval Lodaya
Dhaval Lodaya

A resident of Pant Nagar in Ghatkopar (E), Dhaval, who was a student of Somaiya College, was standing in the middle of the compartment entrance and lost his balance when the bogie began to tilt. As the coach derailed, he was flung outside. He sustained grievous head injuries after hitting a pole located next to the tracks, said his friends.

His friends jumped to the back of the leaning bogie, thereby escaping without any injuries. One of Dhaval’s friends, Karan Gajjar, said, “Soon after the accident, Dhaval lay on the track and there was no immediate help that came from the railway authorities and the people around. We were even denied a stretcher to take our friend to the hospital and people were busy clicking pictures instead of helping us carry him. He was unattended for an hour.”

Later, one of the friends managed to get a stretcher from the railway authorities, after which Dhaval was rushed to Rukminibai hospital in Kalyan. Jay Lodaria, another friend, said, “There were RPF officials standing in front of us, and when we requested them to help us take our friend to the hospital, they were reluctant and didn’t pay any attention to us.”

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