Crack the da Vinci code

It would be plain wrong to label Leonardo da Vinci as just an artist, as his notes and journals reveal that he was also a mathematician, inventor, architect and much more. If this Italian genius has always intrigued you, sign up for Leonardo’s Mind Leonardo’s Art, a two-day workshop that will help you understand da Vinci's system of drawing.

One of the original studies of Leonardo da Vinci displayed in an exhibition in February 5, 2006. Pic/AFP

The workshop will be conducted by artist Kedar Kulkarni and is aimed at artists, animators, architects, photographers, or any other professionals working in the field of visual media. However, design enthusiasts are also welcome.

Kulkarni shares that while studying at School of Art, University of Chicago, “I had extensively researched on da Vinci to help my own works. Once I looked at the material that I had, I thought, why not teach those who are interested.”

Kulkarni also leads his own institute Kedar Kulkarni Fine Art Education (KKFA Edu). The first day will include understanding the mind of da Vinci and his drawings. The second day Kulkarni will teach how to apply da Vinci’s principles and participants will have to draw based on these principles.

“Da Vinci knew that one has to exercise one’s thoughts before drawing. By putting his techniques to use, one can learn everything possible about drawing. He also made several anatomical drawings, I will be conducting a workshop on it separately for doctors later,” he concludes.

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