Cramped garage led to pit bungle, says Red Bull boss Christian Horner

Monte Carlo: Red Bull team chief Christian Horner has blamed the team's calamitous pit-stop for Daniel Ricciardo in Sunday's Monaco GP on the cramped conditions in the team's pits garage.

Red Bull boss Christian Horner
Red Bull boss Christian Horner

He said the bungled stop — that Ricciardo claimed cost him victory in the race — was caused by a delay to find the desired tyres trapped at the back of the garage. "Here in Monaco, the pit is upstairs and the garage is downstairs.

"The tyres are on heat both in the garage and behind the garage — and, unfortunately, the set of tyres that were called for were not available. They were at the back of
the garage.

"There was a scramble as originally had the soft tyres were ready — then, when a change to supersoft was requested, those tyres were right at the back of the garage.

"They couldn't be got to the car in time, which cost about 10 seconds. Despite that, they came out alongside each other. That showed how quick Daniel's was and how slow Lewis' had been. It was gutting for the whole team."

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