Lisbon: Cristiano Ronaldo is 31 years old, with his playing career still in full swing and his entrepreneurial profile strengthening with each passing year to capitalise globally on his brand value.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo

In just a matter of months, the player has strengthened his presence outside soccer grounds by launching a line of footwear and signed an alliance with a Portuguese hotel chain, which adds to his original forms of promotion, such as the release of a film about his life and the creation of a traveling museum with his most precious "treasures", reports EFE.

This concern for business is unusual in the field of sport and is more common among stars in other sectors, principal of the Portuguese IPAM marketing school, Daniel Sa, told EFE.

Global presence
"It is not normal, but I think it represents a trend. Ronaldo has not been for a long time just a soccer player, but a world celebrity on a par with film stars, artists or politicians."