London: Producer RedOne has roped in celebrity friends Jennifer Lopez and Cristiano Ronaldo to star in the video for his new track.

Jennifer Lopez and Cristiano Ronaldo (Pic/AFP)
Jennifer Lopez and Cristiano Ronaldo (Pic/AFP)

The singer-actress and soccer star will lip-sync to the Grammy Award-winning hitmaker's new song "Don't You Need Somebody" in the promo.

Meanwhile, the tune also features Enrique Iglesias, Serayah, and reggae star Shaggy.

RedOne, real name Nadir Khayat, has worked with artists ranging from U2 to One Direction, and has produced hits for Lady Gaga, Iglesias, Marc Anthony, Nicki Minaj, Usher, and Lopez but now he's aiming for the charts himself.

"The reason I chose to become a producer in the first place was being able to explore the sheer number of ideas and musical styles I had. It enabled me to work with artists in
all different genres.

"I thought that to be a performer, you had to stick to a single sound, and I loved too many kinds of music to do that.

But now I find myself wanting to get back to singing and playing, and friends like Enrique have encouraged me to do so," he said.