Critics hail Priyanka Chopra's performance in 'Quantico'

Los Angeles: Calling her 'charismatic' and an 'arresting lead', Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra's debut on American TV as a young FBI recruit Alex Parrish on "Quantico" has been lauded by television critics. The much-awaited ABC TV drama premiered in the US on Sunday. The first episode of 'Quantico' will air in India on October 3.

Quantico. Pic/Santa Banta 

The New York Times praised Chopra as the "strongest human asset in Quantico". "Ms Chopra, a Bollywood superstar and former Miss World is immediately charismatic and commanding amid the otherwise generic ensemble. If there is a problem with her casting, it is that she may come across as too seasoned and assured to be persuasive as a shaky, neophyte recruit."

Variety said, "With an arresting lead in Priyanka Chopra, a former Miss World who was born in India, the show races through a lot of material very quickly, which makes it difficult to get a firm handle on where all of this might settle." The Wrap called Chopra as someone having "a poise and sexual spark as Alex that suggests a formidable potential FBI agent whose mind and beauty are equally stunning".

Even fans of the 33-year-old actress took to Twitter to appreciate her latest international stint. "@priyankachopra Next big star," a fan said. Another added, "Cool seeing it say "Starring Priyanka Chopra."
#Quantico @priyankachopra."

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