You know you're growing old and less fun, when you meet an old school friend for a fancy-schmancy dinner and the conversation primarily revolves around counting calories and not taking the great big machine (read: body) for granted.

Pic/ Suresh K K

The night I made my acquaintance with 'older and less fun' (me, not my friend), I decided to pay heed to the wait staff's enthusiastic recommendation of the Virgin Strawberry Margarita. I know, I know, lovers of tequila will be horrified.
A margarita, minus its 'secret ingredient'? Well, I was surprised too pleasantly. Bartendar Murugan works his magic using just four ingredients: Strawberry puree, a dash of lime juice, sugar syrup and ice cubes. The drink is then poured into the traditional salt-rimmed margarita glass.
What you get, ladies and gentleman, is more than just strawberry crush, unless there is a secret ingredient. They also do a Frozen Margarita, which cries out to be eaten with a spoon. Regression can be such fun. Who knew!

FOR Rs 270 (taxes extra) for the Virgin Strawberry Margarita; Rs 490 (taxes extra) for the Strawberry Margarita
WHERE Joss, 30 K Dubash Marg,
Kala Ghoda.
CALL 66356908/ 66334233