Food with flair! The speciality of the restaurant is its three kitchens -- For Italian and Lebanese; Indian and Mughlai and Oriental. We started our meal with a delicious mezze platter with pita pockets, chickpea tikkis and dips on the side.

Space Chic: As soon as you enter, a calming effect sets in. The white walls, turquoise windows, robust tables and a high, covered ceiling creates the feeling of an open-air restaurant with the entire space bathed in sunlight. Pics/Bipin Kokate

We had a twist in taste with Lehsuni Khada Palak which wasn’t pureed, as usual, and was served with lachcha paranthas and stuffed chilli on the side

To stir with love: Flamboyante boasts of an equally strong bar. Eric Lobo, head concoctionist adds a personal touch with a story behind every creation such as Out of School (in pic), a mix of vodka and spiced guava juice with a salt rim to remind you of the guava you would eat from a fruit seller outside your school.

His version of the Long Island Iced Tea, called 7 Island Ice Tea (7 is their space number in the building and for seven islands of Mumbai) is potent to make two people go heady. While the cocktails impressed us, the Frozen Peach and Apricot Lassi is to-die-for