Cuffe Parade maid's death: Flat owner among seven booked

Feb 16, 2016, 14:21 IST | Saurabh Vaktania

In a detailed investigation into the death of a 35-year-old maid – who died on Saturday after falling from the 19th floor – cops have found that her death was caused by the negligence of her colleague.

The woman fell from the kitchen window while her co-worker was pulling out glass pieces from her foot. Seven people, including the employer, have been booked in the case.

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The cops have booked Suman (35) under section 304 (A) (causing death by negligence), while Ramesh Bhojwani (65) Aruna Ingole (25), a care taker and other servants, namely Kishor Das alias Ubadi (35) Pawan Yadav (35) Ramnarayan alias Ramu Raut (32) and Raj Raut (22) have been booked under section 202 (intentional omission to give information of offence by person bound to inform) of the IPC.

Cops say all the accused knew that the woman had fallen in front of them but fearing the consequences, they did not tell anyone and left for their respective homes. The flat owner asked the other accused to leave and not inform anyone about the incident.

Sunday mid-day carried a report on February 14, ‘Cops suspect foul play in Cuff Parade maid’s death’. Shamita Tambe (35) died in the wee hours of Saturday, after falling from the 19th floor of Maker Tower in South Mumbai.

Her body was found by the building watchman nearly six hours after the incident. Tambe is a resident of Machhimar Nagar in Cuffe Parade.

On Friday night, Tambe’s employer Ramesh Bhojwani held a party to celebrate his birthday. According to police officials, several guests were called for the party and five servants were called as well. Two caretakers, Tambe and Aruna Ingole were also present. The guests left from the party at 11.30 pm, after which the servants started cleaning up.

The other servants had earlier said that at 1.30 am Tambe sat on the slab of the kitchen window, which does not have a grille. She leaned out of the window and fell to her death. Six hours after the incident, her body was found on the roof of the entrance gate. The servants and Bhojwani told the cops they did not see her falling down and don’t know anything.

Pierced foot
A police officer said, “We did not buy anyone’s claim from the very beginning and found it very fishy. We started interrogating all of them and later found that while the servants were cleaning the house, a glass object fell on the kitchen floor. One of the broken glass pieces pierced Shamita’s foot. One of the servants, Sanju Raut alias Suman, made her sit on the slab of the kitchen window, which does not have grille, and tried to remove the glass pieces. Tambe leaned out of the window in pain during the process and fell.”

The officer added, “Raut was terrified by the incident and immediately informed the other servants and Bhojwani. After having a discussion, all of them decided to go home and not tell anyone about what happened.
They decided that if they were asked about the incident, they will say they don’t know what happened or that it may be a suicide. Bhojwani too remained in his bedroom while the others left.”

Cops say
Senior police inspector Deepak Patil of Cuffe Parade police station said, “Raut and the others, including Bhojwani have been booked. Raut showed negligence, while the others did not inform anyone about the incident even after knowing it.”

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