Cultural holidays on the rise in 2012, survey suggests

Jan 17, 2012, 16:29 IST | AFP

Travelers plan to take more cultural vacations next year, according to a survey from travel review giant TripAdvisor.

The site's annual Travel Trends survey, conducted with the input of over 2,700 Amercian travelers, suggests that 42 percent of travelers plan to take a cultural break in 2012, compared to 38 percent who managed to get one this year.

The number of people planning to take a cruise is also up to 23 percent from 19 percent this year, TripAdvisor said.

The most popular trip in 2012 will, as ever, be to the beach, TripAdvisor said, with 44 percent of respondents saying that they'll be heading for the coast.

By comparison, only 36 percent said that they would be taking a city trip and less than a quarter planned a getaway with their guy or girl friends.

Interestingly, travelers reported a loss of interest in hotels, with 83 percent saying that they planned to stay in one next year, compared to 87 percent who stayed in one in 2011.

Instead, travelers will be heading to B&Bs/inns, which saw a two percent rise in interest, and all-inclusive resorts, which saw the same percentage boost.

In total, 90 percent of respondents plan to go away next year, TripAdvisor said, with Paris, London and Rome the top international cities to visit and New York City, Las Vegas and San Francisco the top US cities.

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