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A senior citizen was made to run between Navi Mumbai and Ghatkopar trying to get a complaint registered after he had lost Rs. 1 lakh to cyber fraudsters in a span of 22 minutes.

On Monday, Kamlakar Khandagale (68), a resident of Khandeshwar in Navi Mumbai, received a call at 9.43 am from someone who introduced himself as Mr Shukla from the Reserve Bank of India. He said the call was related to demonetisation and that Khandagale’s Cosmos Bank account had been blocked and they would issue a new password for which they needed his old password. Khandagale, unwittingly, gave the caller his password.

Khandagale’s daughter, Nikita, told midday, "From 10.02 am to 10.24 am, there were 18 transactions made on my father’s account, where Rs. 1,01,306 disappeared. When my father received the notifications of the transactions he called the bank and realised that he had become the victim of a fraud."

Police unhelpful

Nikita told mid-day, “My parents live at Khandeshwar and my father received the call there. Cosmos Bank where my father holds an account is located at Ghatkopar West. My father and I travelled from Khandeshwar, New Panvel, to Ghatkopar, where bank officials told us to lodge a police complaint at Ghatkopar Police station. She added, "At Chirag Nagar Police station in Ghatkopar West, we were told to lodge a complaint at Kamothe police station as my father had received the call at Khandeshwar. At Kamothe, an officer called Sawant (first name not known) told us to go to the cyber cell at CBD Belapur as the cyber cell would have to send the case to Kamothe Police Station. Finally, I filed an online complaint with the cyber cell."

'Just want my money back'

Khandagale told mid-day, "I am an old man, yet I was made to run around by the police. I thought they were there to help people like us, but I am sorely disappointed at the treatment. I only want to get my hard-earned money back. The more time I lose running around, the harder it will be to catch the culprit."