Several passers-by rescued a motorcyclist who had become trapped underneath a burning car in a traffic accident in Logan, Utah, while another person videotaped the entire incident, CNN said.

The motorcyclist, 21-year-old Brandon Wright, collided with a black BMW that was exiting a parking lot, was knocked unconscious and slid under the car as flames resulting from the crash consumed both vehicles and quickly grew stronger.

About a dozen men and women rushed to help Wright and, after two attempts, managed to lift the car by hand just enough for another person to pull him out from under it.

Chris Garff, a media production specialist at Utah State University, was on the ninth floor of a nearby university building filming a promotional video when he looked out the window and, upon seeing black smoke below, aimed his camera at the spot and taped the rescue.

In just a few seconds, the rescuers were able to extract Wright, who initially appeared to be lifeless, but an emergency rescue crew arrived a few minutes later and managed to revive him.