Dad of 16 kids with 14 women says God told him to 'go forth and multiply'

The British man who has 16 children from 14 different women has denied philandering as the reason for having so many kids, and instead blames his lovers for not taking precautions.

Jamie Cumming claimed that taxpayers should foot the bill for his brood's upkeep and boasted that he never uses condoms.

Cumming, 35, also refused to rule out having more babies, claiming that he once wanted to be a priest and that he is simply following the Biblical instruction to "go forth and multiply".

"I'm getting it in the neck but contraception is a two-way thing. If women don't want a baby, why don't they take the Pill?" the Daily Express quoted the jobless father as saying.

He decided to speak out after his furious mother Lorraine, 55, decided last week to publicly criticise his feckless ways.

Jamie claims he may have fathered only 10 or 11 of the 16 children attributed to him.

But in breathtaking moments of chauvinism and hypocrisy, he condemned women who have children by multiple fathers.

"Plenty of women have three or four kids all by different fathers. They don't get flak," he said.

"In my mind, it's OK for me to do what I've done because I'm a man.

"I've worked most of my days and paid tax. I'm not too worried about what my kids cost.

"I liked the Church, the peace of it and the rituals.

"One instruction from the Bible I'd remind people of before they judge me is, 'Go forth and multiply'."

He was asked to comment about the subject of being promiscuous.

"I've sat in loads of bars over the years and heard people moaning about the population falling in Dundee.

"I've been doing my best to repopulate the town."

Jamie first had sex when he was 17 with his first girlfriend Kelly but did not use contraception.

She fell pregnant a year later with Samantha, who is now 16.

"I was at the birth and it was really special, but at that age I was never going to settle down."

Since then Cumming has fathered child after child, almost one a year, with 14 different mothers.

In 2004 he had a particularly busy year when fathering three daughters by three women in March, June and November.

Yet he does show some remorse for his rampant behaviour.

"I do feel sorry now about the effect having me as a dad has had on the kids. I've never said I'm a great dad.

His mother Lorraine had hit at her careless son's lifestyle last week.

"It is time for my son to stop fathering babies and start being a father. He is a predator," she said.

But Jamie hit back, defending his way od living.

"People like asking me if I'm going to have any more kids and I can't rule it out.

"I'm looking for the happy-ever-after we all want.

"I'm starting to think that one woman could give me that. Everyone wants the fairytale ending," he added.

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