Dahisar road plunges into pitch darkness as Metro work beginsThe 1 km stretch from Dahisar bridge lies in the dark.Pic/Shadab Khan

Come night, and a 1-km-long stretch along the proposed elevated Metro VII corridor between Andheri and Dahisar, beginning at the Dahisar bridge, turns into a commuter’s worst nightmare.

Owing to the Metro work, the MMRDA had cut the power supply to streetlights on this stretch over a month ago, plunging the locality into darkness.

It is binding on the MMRDA to install floodlights near Metro construction sites to prevent inconvenience to residents.
Akhilesh Upadhyay, a resident, says the construction work has also narrowed the street."Work is underway on both sides of the road. Without streetlights, it becomes difficult to commute on this stretch at night."

He says despite repeated complaints, the MMRDA hasn’t sorted out the issue. “It said once work on setting up the barricade is over, it would restore the power supply.” Ramdas Naik, an autorickshaw driver in the locality, says the dust and debris from the construction work reduces visibility, further putting motorists at risk.

“During the day, visibility is poor because of the dust and by the night, the road is pitch dark. One can’t see the vehicle right ahead.”

Speaking to mid-day on the issue, Dilip Kawtkar, joint project director at the MMRDA, said he would look into the problem and ensure that necessary remedial measures are taken for motorists’ safety.