Dalits demand representation in Anna camp

Dec 12, 2011, 10:37 IST | ANI

While a large crowd gathered in support of Anna Hazare at the Jantar Mantar here, a smaller crowd consisting of Dalits protested against the veteran social activist at the same venue demanding the inclusion of their representatives into the civil society team.

Social activist Udit Raj, who spearheaded the rally, said: "This is not an anti-Anna protest. This is meant for the demands of Dalits and others. Annaji himself says that he will incorporate them in their agitations.

All of the Anna team members including Arvind Kejriwal say that reservations should be given."

"I want to ask them that how can their agitations be successful without the support of 85 percent people," he added. Udit Raj allured Team Anna saying they can mount further pressure on the Centre with the inclusion of Dalits in their camp.

"The government can only bend to the power of voters. Team Anna should understand this, as this can expedite their process," he said.

A grim situation later occurred at the venue with the supporters of Team Anna and Udit Raj pulling up each other.

The police personnel deployed at the spot later took control of the situation, thereby, preventing any untoward incident.

Udit Raj also raised several questions on the integrity of the members of Team Anna and claimed to have certain evidences and proofs against them.

"We have some evidences against the members of Team Anna like Kiran Bedi, who made an agreement with the Vedanta and received money from them.

We demand that the concerned transaction should be investigated. Annaji should himself get it monitored and if it is proven then she should be removed from the committee," he said.

74-year-old Hazare sat on a daylong protest fast at the Jantar Mantar here to mount pressure on the Centre for the passage of a strong and effective Lokpal Bill.

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