'Damadamm' has a Hrishikesh Mukherjee feel to it: Sonal Sehgal

Actress Sonal Sehgal says her upcoming film 'Damadamm' is a light hearted romantic comedy in the genre of 'Guddi', 'Gol Maal' and 'Bawarchi' made by yesteryear's director Hrishikesh Mukherjee.

Sonal Sehgal

'Damadamm', debut directorial of Swapna Waghmare, stars Himesh Reshammiya in the lead role and is his fifth film after the back-to-back flops 'Aap Kaa Surroor', 'Karzz', 'Radio' and 'Kajraare'. "The fun flavour of the film will remind you of 'Khatta Meetha', 'Baaton Baaton Mein', 'Khoobsurat' etc., all of which were comedies but there was no silly act or slapstick there.

In 'Damadamm' too you will neither see any sequences that don't make any sense whatsoever or any ridiculous jokes that only make you cringe in your seat," Sonal told PTI.

The actress who has worked with Reshammiya before in 'Radio', says that there was a instant bonding and comfort level that she shared with the composer-actor and co-star Purbi Joshi.

"If you share a good comfort level with the people involved in the making of a film, it reflects on screen. Whether it was Himesh, Purbi Joshi or Swapna, there was no place for ego or one up-manship. It was one big fun outing and there was no tension whatsoever," she added.

The film follows the story of a common man (Himesh) who has a nagging girlfriend (Purbi). However he starts seeing a different meaning of love when he comes across another girl (Sonal). Though 'Ra.One's' release is the biggest thing this Diwali, Sonal says she is not nervous for her film, which releases on the same day.

"Even if I wasn't associated with 'Damadamm', I would have still wanted to watch it since the film looks so fresh. There is this definite sincerity and honestly in 'Damadamm' which makes it look so interesting. "Of course I would want to watch 'Ra.One' as well. As an audience why should I, or for that matter anyone, be forced to make any choice whatsoever?," Sehgal said.

Sonal also talked about Reshammiya's character in the movie saying it was just apt for him. "He was completely effortless playing Sameer. When we had worked together in 'Radio', it was a relatively far more serious film and dealt with complex relationships. On the other hand 'Damadamm' is far more fun oriented," she said.

The actress, who is married to Naresh Kamath, member of the band Kailasa, says that being married doesn't affect her acting career. "Naresh has no hang ups when it comes to my career. He knows that I have been an actress. Moreover he is himself so busy with his band that he would rather prefer I keep working," she said.

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